Tutoring in Rye By Eason Kamander

The Benefits of Tutoring

This instruction is intended to assist students with all academic studies. Teaching as a whole exists to improve you because everyone can and should improve. Fundamentally, education is good, and the more personalized learning is, the better it works. As a one-on-one, local, adolescent tutor, I can provide an outstanding learning experience.

Why A Teenage Tutor?

Most professionals know the content they are teaching. The most challenging part is finding an engaging way to impart that content to a student. As a teenager, I understand both the content a student needs to know and how students think, learn, and grow. I will not treat a student like a statistic because I am a student. I make a great teacher because of my experience as an active learner.

About Me

My name is Eason Kamander. I have been pursuing knowledge in school, at home, and online for a long time because I believe knowledge is indispensable. My goal is to perpetuate a passion for learning, perseverance, and a growth mindset.


  • Promoted to 10th Grade Geo-Trig Honors in the 9th Grade
  • 97% in Math
  • 95% in All Classes
  • Scored 100% on State Math Exam
  • Scored 100% on Math Final
  • Scored 2nd in Westchester County on the AMC-8
  • I designed and developed this site